Riid: Ushering a Paradigm shift in Education Industry

Top 10 EdTech Startups in APAC - 2019

One of the main pillars of a country’s economy, the education industry is currently witnessing a paradigm shift, breaking the age-old pedagogical approach with a new-age learning environment. The modern EdTech startups are utilizing a combination of digital media and leading-edge technologies to roll out offerings for K-12, universities, vocational training, and corporate training sectors. Educators are now finding it easier to make individuals future-ready through personalized assessments, parent engagement, soft skills development, student networking, learning analytics, and real-time scenario engagement.

Considering the transitory phase, Education Technology Insights has compiled a list of top 10 EdTech startups in the APAC region to guide universities and schools in harnessing the power of technology to tackle today’s teaching and learning challenges, reduce workload, and increase efficiencies, while simultaneously engaging students with tools that provide an excellent learning experience.

In the wake of these technology transitions, we are glad to feature Korea-based Riiid on our annual list of EdTech Startups. Leading its way in artificial intelligence (AI)-based education, Riiid offers a state-of-the-art deep learning solution, enabling learners to experience a superior learning experience, thereby democratizing equalization of educational opportunity in its truest sense possible. The company’s AI tutor Santa TOEIC has been specifically designed for Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) students. Listed on this edition is Learn Primary, a company that has redefined the Australian education space altogether. The Learn Primary app acts as a resource to supplement formal classroom-based learning for primary school students, which benefits teachers, students, and parents alike. It facilitates an engaging learning environment for children at home, allowing parents to make use of teacher-created insights and content in guiding their children.

On the other hand, iPortfolio has developed Spindle Books Technology, a pragmatic digital learning/teaching platform that converts the print books into smart digital books without compromising the originality of paper books. In addition, the company’s language training methodology called Multi-Dimension Reading (MDR) guides learners attain a better grasp of words and their meanings, thereby broadening their vocabulary. New Zealand based Aimy offers a “parent portal” for hassle-free student registrations. Aimy is packed with multiple purpose-built digital capabilities aimed at alleviating the burden of painful manual processes for education providers.

That’s not all; in an ambitious bid to break the conventional pedagogical methodologies, Zuoyebang leverages big data to improve student results by analyzing the unique trail of data generated by students which helps them better understand their individual behavior and create an optimal learning environment. For FrogAsia, the sole objective is to help educational organizations step ahead of the traditional classroom into next-generation, 21st-century learning spaces through a virtual learning platform. A Cloud Guru offers a social learning platform serving as an online school and enabled with social features, which allows students to interact and engage with each other.

With several innovative technological capabilities and success stories up their sleeves, these solution providers are constantly proving their mettle in the education industry. We hope this edition of Education Technology Insights helps you build a futuristic partnership with your clients to foster a technologically-driven learning environment.

We present to you Education Technology Insights’ “Top 10 EdTech Startups in APAC 2019”

    Top EdTech Startups in APAC

  • A Cloud Guru is teaching the world to cloud. ACG has helped more than 850,000 users acquire the skills and certifications needed to pursue meaningful careers in the cloud. Members get unlimited access to an up-to-date library of cloud education content for all skill levels - including intro courses, deep dives, and weekly tech series for continuous learning. Content is delivered in bite size chunks allowing for short focused periods of engagement from students. This also allows for iterative content development, which enables the courses to be moulded quickly based on consistent feedback from students


  • Aimy’s technology solution helps care providers create children’s learning programs in a fun and safe environment. The care providers no longer need to go through multiple folders for the requisite documents in case of government audits on any child safety matters. Aimy is packed with dozens of purpose-built digital capabilities which obviate the painful manual processes. The company’s onsite tablet app that can work without Internet aids clients in accessing daily summary of children, medical and dietary information and collects parents’ signatures with time-stamps for authorized drop-offs and pickups that add an extra layer of child safety


  • FrogAsia offers a cloud-based, edtech platform called Frog VLE that ensures full access to digital education for students regardless of their background or location. One of the leading edtech startups in Asia, FrogAsia propels the global transformation of traditional classrooms into next-generation, 21st-century learning spaces through fun learning. Students can utilize the company's top-rated platform to complete homework, quizzes, and assignments as well as do research, assessments, and extra revision, at any time from anywhere. Added to this, FrogAsia partners with top local and international textbook publishers, app creators, and other content partners to deliver best-of-breed learning content tailored to the specific school ecosystems


  • Seoul-based iPortfolio offers Spindle Books, an AI-enabled eTextbook platform that transforms print books into a digital format with multimedia features for engaging English learning experiences. Taking personalization to the next level, Spindle Books helps kids listen to their parents’ voice instead of the voice actor to feel more comfortable. Enabled with digitally-optimized reading that helps children acquire linguistic skills easily, iPortfolio helps schools and private English training centers guide learners in acquiring English in a natural, fun-filled way using gamification. iPortfolio has designed a language training methodology called Multi-Dimension Reading (MDR) that comprises five reading stages


  • JULES Corporation is revolutionizing education through its technology solutions that are tailored for the early childhood years (3-8 years old), the age group now proven by neuroscience to have the greatest potential to grasp new knowledge instantly and continue developing these competencies throughout their learning journey. Introducing critical, logical and computational thinking during these years is key to acquiring the life skills necessary to be a productive member of society in the digital age. JULES leverages digital and mobile technologies and ensures that “kids’ screen time” is used for a good cause


  • The company provides a platform to supplement teaching and learning for all Australian primary schools. Learn Primary is an affordable and innovative digital education platform that aligns with Australia’s curriculum for Maths and English and connects parents, teachers, and students to deliver an exceptional adaptive learning experience on PC, Mac, or iPad. By using an adaptive learning algorithm, Learn Primary can create a personalized learning pathway for every child based on demonstrated competence. The platform is also integrated with a versatile content management system that allows users to build an innovative storyboarding framework where they can rapidly modify and distribute content.


  • Taking the lead in this era of AI-based education is Riiid that has developed a state-of-the-art deep learning AI technology solution to deliver a superior learning experience to democratize equalization of educational opportunity in true sense. Based on deep learning and machine learning technology, Riiid has developed Santa TOEIC, an AI tutor, designed for TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) test prepping students. TOEIC is a must-take English proficiency test for most of job applicants in Korea as a total number of test takers exceeds two million every year. By offering a differentiated and individualized learning approach, Riiid’s solution empowers students to significantly boost their scores


  • Zuoyebang, an emerging edtech startup, provides a revolutionary mobile study platform targeting at primary and secondary school students from around the country. The K12 online education unicorn company provides question banks, tutoring, and other services on its online platform for primary and secondary students around the country. It is also a comprehensive study tool for school work search, efficient practice, learning and discussion. Zuoyebang replaces the grade and subject level compartmentalized classrooms with flexible and open spaced personalized learning experience. The company’s comprehensive tool offers a student-driven learning environment where the students have choices in the pace, learning objectives, and interests


  • Classting


    Classting equips teachers with an effective Learning Management System (LMS) tool and a social platform for classrooms to facilitate communication among teachers, students, and parents. The enterprise also offers an AI-based learning platform that provides a personalized learning experience to students in and outside of the school. The business specializes in Edtech, educational platform, individual learning, technology for schools, learning management system, classroom tool, productivity tool for teachers, artificial intelligence, big data, and machine learning solutions. Partnering with 20+ content providers, Classting is helping students all over the world to learn more effectively and efficiently

  • Cloud Translation

    Cloud Translation

    Cloud Translation provides clients with industry-leading machine translation solutions. The enterprise offers machine translation engine customization and cloud translation public cloud platform. Organizations can customize the machine translation engine based on customer data and needs with the help of the most advanced neural network machine translation model. While the cloud translation platform, on the other hand, provides free high-quality machine translation services. The powerful cloud computing and cloud storage capabilities provide translation memory matching, intelligent input, and terminology recognition to support multiple file formats